Below is a selection of some of the many articles I have written.
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Alamance:  Paleo or Archaic?

An Amazing Human Breast Effigy Bottle


The Ancient Tripodal Bottles

The Archaic Chisel

Archaic Clay Cooking Balls

The Archaic Stanly Point

A Bear Effigy Bottle

A Beautiful Adena Pipe

A Beautiful Chlorite Pipe

A Bethabra Pipe

The Big Sandy Point

The Black Drink Cup

The Blacklight

Cannel Coal Beads of the Ft. Ancient Indians

A Canoe or Horn Effigy Bottle

A Carolina Dog Effigy Bottle

The Cat and the Serpent

Catawba Indian Pottery

The Celt

The Ceramic Spoon

A Chancay Canteen

Chancay Conopos

Cherokee Booger Mask

A Colima Caiman-Man

Colima Dancing Dogs

Colima Duck Effigy Vessel

Corn Goddess

Dan River Net Impressed Pottery

A Double Corn God Effigy Bowl

A Double Engraved Face Mask

A Double-Tube Nasal Snuffer

Dover Spade

The Enigmatic Disk Pipe

An Exceptional Deer Head Bottle

An Exceptional Virginia Axe

An Extraordinary NC Raven Effigy Pipe

Frog Effigy Vessels

Glass Trade Beads of Southeast America

The Guilford Lanceolate Points

The Halifax Side Notch Point

How to Avoid Buying Fake Indian Artifacts

Indian Brass Hawk Bells

The Kaolin Clay Pipes of Early America

A La Venta Footed Bowl



A Mace Effigy Bowl

A Magnetite Axe

A Mayan Stone Man

Mickey Mouse Shell Gorgets

A Nice Gneiss Celt

Norman Biconical Tube Pipe

A North Carolina Lamar Bowl

Nutting Stones

The Olmec Masks

Parakeet Effigy Bowl

Piedmont Historic Tube Pipes

Pisgah Phase Pottery

A Porphyry Granite Celt

A Prehistoric Mother

A Porphyry Granite Celt

Quapaw Teapot

Ranch Incised Pottery

A Rare Double Bit Celt

A Rare Fluted Waterbottle

Rare Indian Ear Ornaments

A Rare NC Engraved Pipe

A Rare NC Rat Tail Spud

A Rare NC Stone Lizard

A Rare Urn and Cover

Reclining Human Effigy Bowl

The Red and White Hands of Nodena

Saltville Style Gorgets

The Saura Indians

Savannah River

A Sauratown Copper Celt

A Saw Tooth Rim Bowl

The Sitting Men of Mezcala

South Carolina Irene Bowls

A Spectacled Caimen Flute

A Square Stem Collared Pipe

Steatite Bowls

The Stone Drill

Stone Gorgets of the Piedmont

Stones Used by Piedmont Indians

Stones Used by Piedmont Indians - Part II

Stones Used by Piedmont Indians - Part III

A Strange Face Mask Gorget

A Sunfish Effigy Waterbottle

Tallahatta Quartzite

The Tiny True Arrowheads of the Piedmont

A Tree Frog Effigy Bottle

A Unique Acute Angle Pipe

The Unique Caddo Seed Jar

Unusual Coastal NC Pipe

Unusual NC Axes

An Unusual Pick Banner

An Unusual Rouletted Pipe

An Unusual Virginia Plummet

A Very Odd Virginia Pipe

Vinegar Painting

Walls Engraved Pottery

The Watauga Pick

What the Heck is a Boatstone?

Woodland Pottery of the Piedmont.

A Wonderful Smoking Frog

The Yadkin Arrow Point

The Zoomorphic Tripod Vessels of La Selva

Ancient Virginia Indian Tools